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Therapy for individuals, couples, and parents

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or disconnected doesn’t have to be part of your everyday life.

We can’t feel happy all of the time, but feelings of anxiety and stress that begin to take over your life are feelings you shouldn’t ignore.

When therapy is right for you:

You are feeling more anxious, worried, or panicked

You are struggling to maintain healthy and happy relationships

Your work is being negatively impacted by how you’re feeling

You are feeling low or flat

You feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with your day to day life.
You are not alone. And you don’t have to continue to feel the way you do.

If you’re finding that you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, talking to a professional is not something to be fearful of or ashamed of.

You might feel like you are alone in feeling this way, or worry that you will not be able to feel better. Anyone can experience these emotions, and most of us do at some point in our lives.

I’m here to help you get back to feeling like yourself and to empower you to take control of those feelings that are currently controlling you.

Take a look at the services I offer below to see which one feels right for you.

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

One-to-one therapy sessions to support your mental health and well-being.

Couples Therapy

Therapy sessions for couples who are experiencing emotional and relationship difficulties.

Therapeutic Parenting

A relaxed, non-judgemental training for parents to learn how to use therapeutic parenting techniques to support their children’s emotional well being and mental health. This can be delivered individually or as group training.

Adoptive and Foster Families

If you are looking for support as an adoptive or foster parent, please see the specialist service I offer on the Adoptive and Foster Families page.

Before committing to working together,
you can email to arrange a free 15-minute consultation call with me to talk about how I can best help you.

Dr. Wassall is accredited by the HCPC and DDP


Back to a wonderful life with help from therapy