I’m Dr. Sarah Wassall, founder of Connected Futures Psychology - a compassionate, professional psychology service.

Connected Futures Psychology is here to work with you, with respect, compassion and care. To be an experienced guide to help you improve your well-being and have happier, healthier relationships with the ones you love, and with yourself.

I founded Connected Futures Psychology for two reasons; to help people cope with emotional challenges and difficult relationships, and to enable people to thrive after experiencing loss and adversity. I do this from a place of authenticity, compassion and care for everyone I work with.

My Credentials:

My Values


Compassion is at the core of my practice. Compassion for the people I work with is key, but helping others to have compassion for themselves is the ultimate goal.

Tailored Expertise

My practice combines my expert, clinical knowledge with a person-centred, tailored approach. Using my skills to work alongside the individual, family or organisation I’m supporting. Professional, with a personal approach.

Professional Experience

Safe Spaces are crucial to my therapeutic work. I work with clients to create them together so we can effectively communicate and work through the problems we’re facing. A safe space is a place (physical, or virtual) where you can be honest, open, and vulnerable without feeling judged. 


As a professional therapist, I never judge. It’s not my job. My job is to listen, support, and guide clients through their struggles.


Creativity. Surprised by this one? I may be a Doctor, but my love and appreciation of the arts has always played a huge role in my life. I believe the confidence and experiences the arts have given me are invaluable. Most importantly, they gave me the skills to communicate with and understand others on a deeper level.

Dr. Wassall is accredited by the HCPC and DDP

What people say about me

My professional services are tailored for each person I work with.

I provide DDP therapy for families, talking therapy for individuals, and specialist consultation and training.

Follow the links below to find the right service for you.

Adoptive and Foster Families and Young People

Foster mum and son carry and hug under blue sky

Specialist services for adoptive and foster families.

Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Parents

One to one therapy for individuals couples and parents
One to one therapy for individuals. Couples and family therapy.

Training, Consultation, Supervision

Consultation for professionals and foster and adoptive families Young people psychology

Bespoke training for education, health, and social care professionals.

Theatre & Film Consultation

Link for Theatre and Film Consultation

Strengthening and supporting arts organizations creative work with young people.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to find out more about my services, or ask any questions about what I do then please do drop me an email.

You can contact me at cfp@drwassall.com